What Came Before
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What Came Before

Raffaela stars in the short film, TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE

by Raffaela on 05/30/17

With a little help from her best friends/roomies Shoshana and Jill, and relationship expert Daniel Pusse's book "Taking a Chance on Love", Brittany discovers that the right one is out there-- the only question is, where?


'So What' Wins Big at the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival!

by Raffaela on 10/03/16

"So What" wins for Best Music Video Song at the 2015 Hollywood & Vine Film Festival!

Raffaela Appears in a New Music Video!

by Raffaela on 10/03/16

Raffaela stars in the new music video by Salvador Santana (son of guitar legend Carlos Santana) for the song "Fantasy Reality."

Check it out here!

Hear Raffaela's new single 'FEARLESS'!

by Raffaela on 10/03/16

Raffaela's empowering pop single "Fearless" is available for purchase on iTunes! 

Check it out!